Monthly Archives: November 2014

Diary to Christmas

All of our diary events can be found in the widget on the sidebar in this site, or by looking at the diary page.

However, from time to time we will do a “diary blog” to reinforce our activities.

On the run up to Christmas, don’t forget that we will be meeting 6pm every Sunday and holding a House Group at 7.30pm every Wednesday.

Cheddar has a “Festive Night” on the first Friday of December every year. The Gorge is closed to traffic and all of the shops open, there are stalls out all along the street and you can wander around enjoying the atmosphere and drinking mulled wine or cider. It is always a great night, and well worth the effort of pitching out.

We are holding a Christmas presentation (it would be too grand to call it a carol service), where we will be hosting an evening for anyone who wants a “low-key” way of celebrating christmas. It will include carols and sketches (including an appearance from the puppets) and Julian and Steve will be talking for a few minutes on the real meaning of Christmas. We will be serving mince pies and mulled wine (and the obligatory tea and coffee). The “event” will be held in Glendale Annexe on 21st December at 6pm. All are welcome to come.

The following Sunday evening we are going to just enjoy one another’s company as we “party” together.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself, we feel there are enough churches holding services and there is no need for yet another one! We encourage all to go to their local church (or another they like!!) and celebrate the birth of our Saviour with their Christian brothers and sisters. That’s what we are doing.