Monthly Archives: December 2015

Christmas Events

…or not!

Many find the constant rush from Nativity play to family duties to works christmas party absolutely exhausting and generally need a holiday to recover from the holiday season, so the last thing they need is their church adding to the stress by planning a carol service, a midnight service for 24th and a Christmas morning service as well!

We have therefore made a conscious decision to release the stress by closing down over the Christmas period from next week and re-starting on 3rd January.

Over the Christmas period, our calendar looks like this…

  1. 13 December 6.00pm Evening Worship
  2. 3rd January 6.00pm Evening Worship

We are going to join other Christian brothers and sisters as they celebrate this festive season, so if you want a traditional Carol Service, then you might try…

  • St Paul’s Church, Weston-super-Mare
  • Locking Castle Partnership, Worle
  • St Andrews Church, Cheddar
  • Cheddar Valley Community Church
  • Wells Vineyard
  • Our Lady Queen of Apostles Catholic Church, Cheddar
  • Eagle Mountain, Bridgwater
  • Cornerstone Church, Bridgwater

If you are unable to get to somewhere else, or feel uncomfortable about going to a new place on your own please contact us and we can arrange to come with you.

We are, however, providing music for the carols at the Filling Station Carol event on Wednesday in Burnham. We will post more details on our facebook feed later …