Social Stuff

We are trying to be paperless! We do not produce a printed notice sheet, so this is where you come to find out information about our activities.

In this area of the website is the day-to-day stuff, it includes a diary page, feeds to our twitter and facebook accounts/pages, there is an area where as we take photos of the things we do, we will upload, and there is a blog page where from time-to time, one of us will write a blog.

2 responses to “Social Stuff

  1. Cheryl & Neil Robertson

    Hi Julian & Wendy ,
    It was great to meet you today in ASDA,don’t worry we will pay the fine for loitering with intent in the chocolate isle.On a serious note lovely to see you and see you soon.
    Love Cheryl and Neil.

    • great to see you both as well Neil. It must be nearly 20 years! we’d love to see you soon and really catch up without total strangers trying to squeeze past us for a pot of curry powder or similar! 🙂 All our love, Julian & Wendy

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